How to Learn OEM Key and Windows 10 Pre-installed On Laptop or Computer?

Modern manufacturers of laptops and computers actively refuse to drive, because any program or game can be downloaded from the Internet, and having a drive only makes more expensive PC to the final buyer. However, users who are accustomed to receiving complete with a computer disk with Windows and license key, easy way to Buy Cheap Windows 10 Key x64, look at the difficult issue of reinstalling the operating system. While you can install Windows itself from Flash, the license key is still required from him. In this case, the users, the question arises: how to find out windows 10 product key which was preinstalled on a laptop (desktop computer), or later drive was inaccessible at the moment? To do this fairly, both by Windows and by using third-party programs.

Asking license key definitions in effect on the computer operating system, you should look into such concepts as Key and OEM Pre-installed Key. In fact, they are both license keys for Windows, but there are some differences between them. Differ and how to define them.

Pre-installed Key represents the installation key is valid on your computer operating system. It can be defined on those laptops and desktops that Windows users was independently or in the form of digital copies purchased through the Internet and activated.

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OEM Key is a license key the version of Windows that was originally installed on the computer. Information about the key OEM sutured into the motherboard notebook or desktop computer, and you cannot change it.

Thus, if your computer was installed at the time of purchase Windows 8, which was later updated to Windows 10, information about the keys and OEM Pre-installed will be different. At the same time, wanting to install on new computer Windows 8, it will be necessary to enter the key is OEM-only it will work with this version of the operating system. Pre-installed Key fits, if you wish to install Windows 10.

Note: use an existing OEM or key can be Installed only on the operating system version that is installed on the computer. You cannot enter key from the Basic version 10 for Windows Professional Assembly.


On any computer, an administrator can be without third-party programs or applications learn Windows license key 10. When this procedure is different in the case of the definition of OEM and Installed keys.


Find the license key in the operating system that “sewn” into the motherboard of the computer is very simple if you know the command that is Windows 10 product key buy provided specially for this Windows 10. To identify the OEM key, do the following:

Click on the keyboard shortcut Windows + R to invoke the line menu “run” and enter the following command wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey

Then the computer will conduct a reading of the license key in the BIOS motherboard and give the information requested, if applicable. Issued by OEM key can be used to reinstall the version of the operating system that was originally installed on the computer.


Using a single command, determine the cheap windows product key Installed Key will not work, and he’s hidden a bit deeper in the Windows operating system. But information about the license key Windows optionally without installing third-party applications on your computer. To do this, you must do the following:

Run a blank standard Windows Notepad, which can be found in the following path: “start”-“all applications” is the standard Windows “Notepad”.

Open a word-processing program, copy the following code:

Next, click “File”-“Save as …” and in the “file type” select “all files”. Enter the name of the file followed by “windowskey.ps1”. Choose the folder where the file will be saved. We recommend you save it to the root folder of one of the disks, because to him need to prescribe the way. For example, select “local disk c” to save and click Save.

Now start the search, and type in the query “PowerShell”. When the search returns results, click on the found program, right-click and select “Run as Administrator”.

This opens the Microsoft administrative panel where you want to enter the command “Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned” and press Enter.

Next, a window appears with the requirement to confirm windows product key sale security items-press “Y” and after pressing the Enter key.

Now you need to enter the path to the file that we maintain in the third paragraph of the instructions. To do this, enter C:\windowskey.ps1 and press Enter. Note: If you saved the file in the third paragraph in another folder-enter the path to it.

Next, enter the command Get-Alternatively and hit Enter.

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