Tutorial: make it work its iPhone/iPad with Windows 10

This article is intended to address the following issue: on Windows 10, the iPhone is seen connected by Windows and Explorer, but not in iTunes.

iTunes does not recognize my iPhone

I have connected my iPhone 6 Plus to a computer under Windows 10, but iTunes does not recognize my iPhone. And I disconnected and reconnected the USB cable to several times, still it does not work! What is the problem? If I do a hard reset, I lose all my apps, contacts, photos or other content? What is the best way to solve the problem qe’iTunes does not recognize the iPhone without risking loss of data.

Sometimes iTunes does not detect the iPhone, although the device has been properly connected to a computer with a USB cable. Many people have tried to fix the problem by doing a restore factory, believing that the problem can be solved quickly. However, such a fix failed detection iTunes is not recommended, because back to factory settings will erase all data on iPhone.

Follow the effective solution: how to recover data after that iPhone restore factory settings

How to make iTunes detect your iPhone

In addition, we can find you some tricks that may help to work around this problem without losing any data. Refer to the following instructions, and try to allow iTunes to recognize your iPhone without any hassle.

1. Update iTunes to the latest version. Plug in your iPhone. If iTunes cannot always recognize it, then in iTunes in the upper left corner, click Help > run diagnostics. In the box that appears, check the last two things. Click next and it should identify your iPhone.

2. click on your Windows Start menu. Type “services”. Click on it and when it appears on the bottom of it click “standard”. Now scroll down to find “Apple Mobile Device” click right when you see and click on ‘Start’. When he started, close iTunes and plug in your iPhone and it should appear.

3 try a different USB port on your computer or a USB cable.

4. check that Apple Mobile Device Support is installed.

5 restart the Apple Mobile Device service and make sure that the USB Driver Apple Mobile device is installed.

6. If you want to just add a few photos, songs and movies from computer to your devices, you can use an iTunes alternative to do the job.

7. check third-party software conflicts.

The solution was provided by > This video <, I don’t do that restate in writing, thanks to Chris Lim!

Steps to take:

  • -Close iTunes.
  • -Leave your connected device.
  • -In the Windows 10 notifications area, click settings.

Then click devices and then, in the new window, on device (under settings) Manager.

In the new window that opens at the top you should see mobile devices (phone icon). Click: Apple iPhone will appear.

Right-click on Apple iPhone, then select Update driver…

In the new window, click find a driver on my computer, and then copy and paste into the address bar (or navigate to the directory by hand):

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers

Click Next, the update of the driver takes place.

-Restart iTunes, and now your camera is again recognized!

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