Where Can I Buy The Cheapest Windows 10 Genuine Products Key?

Learn where to buy the cheapest Windows 10 genuine product. Price. com’s lowest rate is not necessarily the cheapest.

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Types of Windows 10 that you can purchase in general

Before we get to the chase, let’s talk about the different types of Windows 10.

There are two editions of Windows 10 that you can buy in general: Home and Pro. In addition, there are two differences between 32bit and 64bit, but unless you try to install it on a very old PC, you may want to buy a 64 bit product key. I’m not going to explain the difference between home and pro here, but if you write roughly, home is good for home, Pro is for work. Note, however, that Windows Update is automatic (enforced) in home, whereas pro allows you to change it in any ways. Pro is recommended if you do not want to restart your PC all of a sudden.

Next is the sales form. There are three things that are confusing, and the price is different.

Both are 1 soft 1 licenses. By the way, the product which seems to be pirated in either version seems to be sold. I’ll dig a little deeper.

Windows 10 Package version

The package version is a product that contains manuals and installation media in the old-fashioned box. The installation media is a USB memory, not a DVD-ROM. The reason for not being a DVD-ROM is probably because the number of PCs without optical drives has increased.

It is sold at stores such as newegg, bestbuy and other electronics retailers, software shops online, etc. Of course, it can be purchased via the Internet, such as Microsoft or Amazon.

Windows 10 Download version

The download version is a product that you buy literally downloaded from the Internet. Japan can be purchased at Microsoft, Amazon, Key1024 and other electronics retailer sites.

A Product key with be sent to you if you bought the Download version. Like this one:

Windows 10 professional key: GH2N9-79HKH-KW6GK-F2FWF-DJ3GT

Win10 DSP Version

The most confusing one at the end is the DSP version. It is a product to be sold some PC parts (later bundle parts) and the set. For example, if you buy with the CPU, it will be a license that is tied to that CPU. It can be said the product for the own PC. This installation media is a DVD-ROM.

The target bundle parts are CPU, memory, motherboard, SSD, HDD, CPU cooler, CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive, expansion card (PCI, AGP, PCI Express). External USB devices are not covered.

The problem is that if the bundle part breaks, the license expires. It is better to avoid stringing with a fragile hdd. However, when you buy over-the-counter can be freely attached, the Internet mail order is a lot of set selling parts of the PCI bus. What about a laptop with no PCI bus? I think the question comes out. There are also many desktop motherboards that do not have a PCI bus recently.

I have written a problem so far, the string with PC parts is just going to the store side, it does not mean that the Windows 10 side. Therefore, you do not need to use the bundle part to pass the activation itself. In addition, there is the thing that the shop side sells it with the clear garbage parts (256MB memory etc.), and it is thought that it assumes not to use the bundled part. That said, it’s a problem to not use bundle parts from Microsoft.

Anyway, whether or not to install without the use of bundled parts is solely your own responsibility.

Where should I buy the key?

In amazon.com, only Windows 10 and some DSP versions are listed. The download version has not been published.

After posting this article for a while (from 2016 to 2018), Amazon sold almost all versions, such as the package version, at the lowest price on the net, or at the lowest prices. Amazon is still the lowest price in part, but prices are changing every day.

Windows 10 Home Product Key Purchase

Since you are doing a price survey, including stores other than Amazon regularly from the time of the article, please refer to the purchase.

Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit Product Key Purchase

For Amazon’s package and downloadable versions, you can see that the latest version of Fall Creators Update has been applied from the beginning. Perhaps the DSP version is going to be replaced sequentially.

The following is a summary of the difference between the current Amazon price and the price. com lowest: March 8, 2018. Amazon is out of stock if there are no products from the seller. The link destination for each product is a product page of Amazon.

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